Hello fellow fighters …I m Giorgies (George), 27 y.o ,from Hellas. I ve been vegan for only 10 months from scratch & already lost 25 kg. I m very passionate about veganism. I cannot think myself going back again…Looking to grow my vegan circle. Keep up the vegan flame & be the voice of the voiceless…


I’m Anthony, an 80/10/10 raw till 4 vegan from Maryland. I was vegetarian on and off for a few years before I decided to watch Gary Yourofsky’s speech on YouTube about one year ago. Since then, I’ve embraced the vegan lifestyle and never looked back. I recently got into the 80/10/10 raw till 4 movement about a month ago.

I’m always looking to connect and talk with other vegans. You can find me at at my Tumblr or on Instagram!

Jess.23.Vegan + non-speciesist for over two years. I believe in total Liberation. 

My blog http://absofruitlyraw.tumblr.com/

38 years old, living in Northern Ontario, Canada.  I was vegetarian for a few years flirting with veganism until I saw “Earthlings” and went fully vegan.  9 years now and never going back.  Animal rights all the way, with all the healthy benefits.  I’m my only vegan friend in the city I live in and that’s fine by me.  

We have been vegan for 2½ years because we love animals and want to do anything which we can to save them. Plus, we love the vegan cakes which our mummy makes for us! Our favourite things to do are running, jumping and climbing.



Our vegan cat, who previously used to get an upset stomach and regularly vomit before switching over to vegan cat food.


I have been vegan for 2½ years and it is the best decision that I have ever made. I love making vegan food and trying out all of the amazing recipes which are on the Internet. Since becoming vegan I feel so positive and energetic. I have just recently ran the London marathon in 3:13:35 and have qualified for a championship entry for next year. Basically, I just love being vegan!


I have been vegan for 2½ years and reaped enormous benefits to mind, body and soul. I previously came from an incredibly unhealthy background but I am now the epitome of health, having finished in the top 1% at the Brighton Marathon this year.


Hi, I’m Emma a vegan from Derbyshire,UK. I’d love to connect with more vegans and animal rights campaigners as I try to go to as many animal rights events as I can.

My blog focuses on my food and cosmetics so get in touch if that interests you =)

Hello. My name is Lucky.A vegan of 5 years and would love to talk to some like minded people. My interests include, health and nutrition, dance, philosophy and mythology, linguistics, reading, being outside, animals, teaching, green tea, drawing, travel, and watching documentaries. (: luckysylph.tumblr.com

Hi! I’m Angie (username Veganpalooza). I’ll be 20 years old next month. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 and I am a recent vegan (6 months now). All the pictures on my blog are vegan meals/snacks I’ve put together. I’d love to get/give advice or recipes with other vegans, or just chat! :)

I’m Savannah, 19, from California. *and this is my lovely guinea pig, Luna* 

I went vegetarian when I was 14 and made the switch to vegan when I was 16. Definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I’m the only vegan in my family and in my group of friends so its always nice to find other vegans to talk to! Let’s be friends and share yummy recipes :)

I’m Xander, vegan for almost 10 years now, excited to celebrate my vegan-versarry. It’s hard to imagine I was ever not a vegan at this point. I’m sure that will only get worse, haha. Fighting for animals and educating people about veganism are two of the main things I see myself doing with my life, and I hope to only get more active. I love meeting other vegans, feel free to say hello- thelastxvxbum.tumblr.com

Hey there. :) I’m Birdy, and I’m 23 years old. I’ve been vegetarian for about six years, and after many failed attempts at being vegan, I’m proud to say that I’ve been vegan for almost a year now. And as of January of this year, I’ve been following a high carb, 801010 vegan lifestyle. :)

I would love to get to know more vegans!


rain, 21, southern california. i love all.

rain, 21, southern california. i love all.